Warming Pad System

Warming Pad System

Optimus real-time feedback Warming Pad System

The Optimus warming pad system aims at preventing patient core temperature drop during surgeries. This helps reduce the time-to-wake from general anaesthesia and the risk of surgical site infections, having significant impact both on efficiency and safety.

The warming pad system consists of thermal padding made of a composite fabric and resistive heating elements. It allows for both regional warming of the patient during surgery and real-time regional skin temperature feedback and trending for the anaesthesiologist.

Depending upon the table manufacturer, subsections (head, shoulders, chest, abdomen, left leg, right leg) allow for variable temperature augmentation of major surfaces of the patient. The anaesthesiologist has real-time control of peripheral skin temperature loss for each subsection.

Both the patient’s regional surface temperature and the warming pads’ temperature are monitored via the software user interface on the ISE iPad from thermistors applied to the patient’s skin and from within the warming pads.