The Optimus Integrated Surgical Environment (ISE) has revolutionized operating room design, allowing for many exciting research opportunities. There are logically only three possible candidates for surgical site infections: the patient, the staff, and the operating room itself. Although many opinions are prevalent, no one knows with certainty the relative risk that each of these candidates contribute. Since the Optimus ISE offers the first completely sterilizable operating room, it is now possible to investigate the role the operating room plays in the transmission of “superbugs” to patients.

Further innovations in the Optimus ISE allow for additional research to be conducted as well. The goal of these studies is to show that the level of care provided in the Optimus ISE is higher, as conditions will be safer, more sterile, and more efficient.

In addition, we will determine whether it is necessary to give prophylactic antibiotics in the Optimus ISE at all. If prophylactic antibiotics were found to be unnecessary, the current ongoing evolution of antimicrobial resistant organisms would be limited.

Planned Research Highlights 2021-2025:

  • Time to colonization: how long does it take an OR to become colonized after terminal ozone sterilization?
  • Time to superbug colonization.
  • Frequency needed for Optimus ISE™ terminal ozone sterilization
  • Examining the value of prophylactic antibiotics in the Optimus ISE™
  • Effectiveness of the Optimus ISE™ sterilizable sink trap in prevention of sink aerosol contamination
  • Effectiveness of TiO2 compositions in wall and flooring sterility in reduction of surgical infections
  • “Ambiwall™” effectiveness in reduction in the kind and amount of sedation used in awake surgical procedures
  • Self-heating/temperature regulating OR table effectiveness in reduction of heating related complications
  • Time saved per case using the RF-ID pass-through restocking cabinetry
  • Patient and staff satisfaction assessment
  • Reduction in medical errors as a result of ISE™ technologies