System Approach

The challenge:
How hospitals optimize investments in competitivness, safety and efficiency.

Healthcare facilities have seen a gradual rise in the number of medical errors despite enormous improvements in medical education and specialization, medical devices, laboratory diagnostics, radiologic visualization techniques, computer technologies and the evolution of surgical, radiologic and radiation interventions.

The main factors that are responsible for increasing operating costs and healthcare facilities operating room infrastructure costs are:

  • The complexity of and the number of systems has been increasing since the late 1970’s, resulting in a dizzying array of organizational and hardware and software silos that do not communicate well with each other
  • Increasing medical errors due to the exploding number and variability of medical devices and user interfaces
  • Increasing medical errors due to the number and variability of the many-headed Hydra of software packages, information systems, database structures and computer hardware
A logical premise that underlies this paradox is that risk is a function of complexity:

“As a system grow in complexity, the number of potential risk events grow proportionately”

The solution:
ISE™, the system approach for more competitiveness, safety and efficiency.

Optimus is the first to offer a holistic systems approach to the entire operating room sector of hospitals. The Company does not offer single rooms, but rather complete solutions that:

  • Maximize workflow
  • Standardize procedure and policies in a uniform geographical environment
  • Allows for control of vendor variability and therefore costs (improved bargaining position)
  • Creates a better working environment for all operating room staff
  • Improves logistics by introducing a military approach to equipment and supplies command and control
  • Reduce operating costs because of uniformly applied systematic efficiencies
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Optimus Floor Pod for medical gases, vacuum, power and data supplied where needed.
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